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Gardez, Afghanistan

Information on obtaining an Afghan License

Updates on procedures included below (23 March 2012):

Below is the process I followed to obtain my license as a Military Service Member while assigned to the International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF).  I know of a retired service member employed as a contractor within ISAF who used this same process and succeeded in receiving his license.  The Afghan government is always adapting and changes may have been made since I received my license.  

Complete the forms below with your information along with a scanned copy of your US Amateur License and send to the email below requesting your Afghan license as a member of ISAF. Good luck and let me know how it works out for you. Use a lot of kindness in the process. I talked to a Warrant Officer who received his license before he left the US; so they are getting better than when I was there. Good luck.

Updated Document links below:

1.  ISAF Clarification Memo for Amateurs 30 Nov 11

2.  Application updated 1 Jan 11

3.  Cover Letter to Afghanistan Telecommunicatin Regulatory Authority,
 Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

4.  Site Approval Memo J6

5.  ISAF Member Declaration 


The information below is historical and was changed by the submission of the documents above. 

  1.  Afghan License Application Document

  2.  Cover letter to the Afghanistan Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

Again, send the completed items above along with a scanned copy of you US Amateur License to the email listed, which is the ISAF HQ for Amateur Radio license coordination that makes the decision to forward your request to the Afghanistan Ministry of Communications and Information Technology:

Updated information from Afghanistan on amateur radio licensing. Provided by Kurt - KE7KUS (as of 26 Sep 11) 

The cover letter in the above download needs to replace Mr. Abassy and address your request to "Eng. Waiki SHERGUL, ATRA Board Chairman" and send via email to:


Include radio model (Annex D - point 22, 24) as in the application to avoid delays. The procedure to obtain the Afghan license is being reported to take about 1 month (sometimes longer).


Once application is received, ISAF Spectrum Management  sends the license by email. You may also obtain the original hardcopy (i.e. collectors purposes), then we need your mailing address (US post).


ISAF Headquarters 

Chief ISAF Spectrum Management Bureau (former ISAF TFMC)

Phone:+93 (0) 799 51 1012

Mobile:+93 (0) 799 315 378  Email:

Best of luck and thank you for serving.

Jack Parker


ex:  T6LC


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Revised on 22 April 2012